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Buying Domains

Why should I buy domains from DomainsForSaleToday.com?
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The domains listed in our Premium Domains section are carefully hand-picked for being good domain names for investing, for developing into websites, or for domain parking revenue. Also, we offer these domains for a limited period of time only to ensure quicker transfers and to be able to offer even more deals on a daily basis. We usually sell these premium domains at 40-50% off their EstiBot value, so you will know that these domains really are worth their weight in gold! (EstiBot is currently the leading domain appraisal tool on the internet, taking into consideration a variation of factors when estimating the value of a domain; including past sales, ad cost clicks, monthly searches and many more).

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How do I buy a domain?
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Buying a domain name from DomainsForSaleToday.com is very easy. Simply browse our categories of hand-picked Premium Domains (usually owned and sold by us) or go to our section of Member Domains for Sale to purchase domains that have been listed by our members. Each domain listing will give you more details about the domain sale, payment options and more.

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What are Premium Domains?
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In most cases, Premium Domains are owned by us and are sold directly to the customers who wants to buy them. In some cases, the listed premium domain will be sold by a domain broker, another domain market place or website. However, if the domain name is listed under our ‘Premium Domains’ section, it will have gone through our ownership & quality controls to ensure a safe transaction. Either way, any ‘Premium Domain’ listing will state clearly if the domain is being sold by us or not.

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What are the Payment Options?
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For domain names listed in our Premium Domains section we accept most credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, and many other payment options. Direct sales are usually done using Escrow.com, (read more on how this works here). You can also choose to purchase these domains through any listed domain market place/broker (like Afternic, Sedo, GoDaddy Auctions etc) if you already have established a payment profile with these companies for example. If you still can’t find an appropriate way to pay for the domain you want, please send us an email at: sales@domainsforsalecentral.com

For domain names listed in our Member Domains for Sale section, you will have to visit each member offer individually to learn the payment options. We strongly advise the use of an Escrow service when buying directly from other members.

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Selling Domains

Why should I sell my domains on DomainsForSaleToday.com?
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  • Our service is 100% FREE! No fees for adding a listing – No commissions on sales
  • Each domain listing gets a unique sales page – complete with social media sharing buttons for increased publicity
  • Don’t just park your domain, get a beatuiful sales page receiving organic traffic and gaining authority over time
  • All listings are promoted online – not just premium domains
  • Listings are promoted both by direct advertising as well as backlink building over time
  • Promote your sales page or domain portfolio page to increase your domain sales

There are many benefits of adding your domains for sale with us here at Domainsforsaletoday.com! Unlike most domain market places we don’t charge any commissions on sales or fees for listing your domains with us! Our service is in other words 100% free! Also, whereas many other market places simply allow you to list your domains (and that’s it) – you can build a wonderful sales page, not just a parked page, using all the information you want to really showcase your domains for sale. Plus all listings are being promoted extensively on the web, not only ‘Premium Domains’.

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How do I sell a Domain?
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Simply go to Sell Domains and complete the three steps to list your domain for sale. It’s 100% free! If you are unsure about what to fill out in each field, please visit our faq page: How do I create a listing for my domain for sale?

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How do I create a listing for my domain for sale?
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If you are unsure what to fill out in each field under our Sell Domains section, please refer to the quick guide below:

  • Deal Title = Simply put “Yourdomain.com is for sale”. This is the title we use throughout the site.
  • Excerpt = This is a 1-2 sentences sales pitch for your domain (keep it distinct and short).
  • Deal Details = Here you can write more background information or stats about your domain. Example.
  • Total number of items* = Usually: 1. If you are selling several domains we strongly advise you to create a sales listing for each one (and not a bundle offer).
  • Regular Price = If you have a domain appraisal, a previous sales figure or some other evidence that your domain is worth more than you’re selling it for, then put it here.
  • Discounted Price = This is the actual price you will be selling this domain for.
  • Deal Types = This is where you choose your deal type and in 99% of the time it should be ‘Custom Link Deal‘. The custom link deal allows you to link your listing directly to your sales page. Please only use the other options if you know what you are doing or have consulted us first in advance.
  • Affiliate Link = The link to your sales page. From this page it must be possible for the customer to buy your domain. Example.
  • Categories = Your listing will be placed under “Domains For Sale”
  • Deal start date & time = If you want to limit the time period of your offer, please use this option.
  • Deal end date & time =  If you want to limit the time period of your offer, please use this option.
  • Deal Image = If you wish you can associate your domain sale with an image, max 300×250.
  • Website = If you have a website you want to display, enter it here – or simply use the ‘Yourdomain.com’ which is for sale.
  • Thanks page = After a successful purchase, users will be taken to this page. This is usually a ‘Thank you’ page.
  • Minimum purchases required = Usually: 1. This is the minimum number of sales required to provide a deal.
  • Maximum purchases per user = Usually: 1. This is the maximum number of items a single user can purchase.
  • Voucher = Only fill out this field if you have chosen another alternative than ‘Custom Link Deal’ above.


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Can I have a Domain Portfolio Page?
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Yes, once you have a couple of approved domain listings up for sale, (each with an individual sales page) – you may want a portfolio page as well displaying all of your listings. Simply go to this URL: http://www.domainsforsaletoday.com/author/YOURUSERNAME/ to view your personal portfolio page. Simply exchange ‘YOURUSERNAME’ with the username you’ve chosen when signing up. You can change the default avatar to any image you would like using Gravatar. Gravatar is a free service that allows you to upload an image that will be associated with your e-mail address on all sites in the WordPress network.

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