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A Domain Parking Script to Suit All Purposes


Just imagine how long it would take you to develop all your websites if you owned a number of parked domains: for instance, if you had 3,000 websites and you wanted to develop each one? Can you imagine the cost of hiring somebody on a freelance basis to manually develop each one? A domain parking script has to capabilities to make short work of all 3,000 of your websites, developing each parked domain into a site offering a viewer rich, relevant content that gets updated and managed completely automatically. A domain parking script can easily be uploaded to your web site, changing a boring ‘under construction’ site into one that is quite likely to bring you a regular income.

Individually, a site may only bring in 0.20c of revenue per week but, multiply that by the 3,000 websites that now exhibit rich context-laden content and you will be raking in quite a substantial regular income: $ 600 per week, in fact, as well as maintaining your page rankings and the value of your domain itself. Our domain parking script is suitable for use with Google Adwords, with Amazon and with Ebay, as well as any of the myriad Affiliate sites on the Web today which may be bringing you in an income.

Domain Parking Solution

Our domain parking script offers domain owners a particularly powerful interface that enables all your domains, no matter how many they are, to be hosted from a single account. Our domain parking script also provides an integral control panel so that you can customize each web site with its own content, after which the domain parking script automatically manages the domain content. Now is actually a really good time to purchase a domain parking script, with D-Park Pro Domain Parking Script able to offer you an unlimited site licence, open source code as well as the domain parking script choc-full of useful features to develop your domain. With our domain parking script enables you to earn from a range of different sources: all you need to do is enter your ID code into the script and the D-Park Pro script adapts the content of your site accordingly.

Content can be generated automatically or it can be fully customized, depending on the domain the domain parking script is pointed towards. Whether you want to generate contextualized content from an RSS feed or on the fly, we have a domain parking script to suit your purposes. Furthermore, if a time comes when you feel you need to sell your domain, all you need to do is to make minor adjustments to your domain parking script, marking that specific domain as ‘For Sale’, with the facility for prospective purchasers to contact you through a secure interface that becomes enabled in the domain parking script as soon as you mark that domain for sale. You can even make any potential offers visible to other prospective purchasers in an attempt to generate a bidding war using the state-of-the-art software that runs your domain parking script.

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Profitable Domain Parking Revenue

Somewhere is the back of your mind you are probably thinking that there should be such a thing as domain parking revenue. Of course there is to a point since your domain name is making you money from being on the internet but what about the site you are parking on. You should be able to benefit from domain parking revenue in more ways than just creating your name and putting it out there. It is important to find a parking page that is going to allow you to create different income streams with ease so that you are not limited in the ways that you can make money and have domain parking revenue.

For Sale

Perhaps after you have been working on the internet for some time you will have one or more domain names that you are looking to get rid of. With the right type of parking page there is going to be domain parking revenue from this because you will be able to place a for sale sign on your site to advertise it. Prospective buyers that are interested in purchasing your name will be able to create domain parking revenue for you because they can bid right on your site to purchase. You will have a front row seat to watch the action while people are bidding for your name. This is a great form of domain parking revenue and all you have to do is place a small sign right on your site, sit back and watch the bidding war.

It’s All About the Money

No matter how you decide to get your domain parking revenue, it is all about making the money the fastest and the easiest way possible. In your search for the perfect site to park your name, make sure that there are several different ways to be able to create domain parking revenue. The more opportunities that are presented to you for domain parking revenue means that there is going to be more money in your pocket and a bigger profit for your company. Don’t sit back and wait for the money to come to you when you can create your very own domain parking revenue and bring the money to yourself quicker and easier.

Take the Initiative

Why wait for someone to tell you how to have domain parking revenue. Do the research yourself and find ways to make it happen on your own. Whether you are in the position to sell a name or add a new name you need to be able to put yourself in the position to have a domain parking revenue so that money is not an issue for you. If someone tells you that you have to sit back and let the parking page do the work and there are no other options for you than do not listen to them. There are always other ways to create a domain parking revenue on your own and make your domain parking page work for you to make money instead of just sitting and waiting for it to happen.

Buy a Google Domain Parking Package and Get a Bonus


Did you ever hear about the domain name ‘’ being sold for $ 135,000, or ‘’ being sold for $ 8,000 along with for $ 9,000? These are just three domain names that have been sold not so long ago for big money. Some domain owners, however, actually own thousands of domain names – perhaps not as valuable as those mentioned above but, as with real-estate, values of property wax and wane! One of the functions offered with our google domain parking is to add a little ‘For Sale’ tag onto your web site if you do decide to sell and, once you instigate this function, other little facilities pop into action – such as a secure platform being enabled that allows prospective purchasers negotiating a deal directly with you; another facility enables you to publish potential bids on your web site, with the hope of starting a bidding war.

DNS Alert Script

Those are simply a couple of features you obtain when you purchase a google domain parking from Domainzaar. At the moment, when you buy one of our google domain parking packages you will also get a special bonus offer of 100 additional scripts for you to use. These are really useful and widely diverse. My favourite has to be the DNS Alert. This automatically advises you by email if any one of what could be innumerable domains needs attention of any sort from you. The DNS Alert script monitors every single one of your domains and, should anything look as if it might go wrong, you are notified in sufficient time to be able to put things right.

Other Bonuses

Another useful piece of script is the WordPress Auto Content Generator which also comes with full resell rights. This script monitors all your posts from any of your domains and, once set up, will automatically post them to your blog without you having to lift a finger. While the WordPress Auto Content Generator is probably not something I would actively use, although I would sell it, the Opt In Pro is pretty good and definitely something I would use. It is described as a ‘Multiple Opt-In Newsletter Email Harvester Affiliate Program’ but, basically, it is based on MYSQL backended script which has the facility to create an unlimited number of newsletters, amongst other things.

I think this is something you would have to get used to in order to be able to utilise all its functions but, from what I can see, this can be associated with the google domain parking you are using as an additional function, amongst many other things. Another little bonus that I particularly like is the Supeerfetch Ethernet FTP Utility. Basically, this is such a simple idea: using this facility you can download internet files in minutes in fact, as much as 100 megabytes of files in minutes. Now, for me, this is an absolute lifesaver – so much so, in fact, that I would consider buying a Domainzaar google domain parking just to get my hands on it.

Cash Parking Domains

When you’re parking your domains you would like to get paid the most you can per click. To do that you must know exactly what keywords pay the most while maintaining your content relevant to your field. There can be a big difference in what marketers are investing in search terms. To find out what keywords pay the best I like to use Adwords. Even when you do not have an account you may use their tool. You can find by searching Goolge for Keyword tool. You must See tool AdWords Keyword Tool as the first result. Once you’re the AdWords keyword tool, place your keyword and enter.

Then you add a column to display CPC. When you get your results you may then form by price. The highest paying associated keyword may be at the top. Pretty easy. Do not expect to get at get sum shown, there are so many other factors which come in to play when your click quantity is determined. One believed before you choose keyword upper whenever. Since they’re expensive, the highest paying key phrases might not have as many companies bidding on them. There might not always be these high paying advertisements on your parked page. One more thing to look at is marketer competition and search volume.

You need to strike a balance with any of those factors while maintaining your keyword relevant. In fact selecting a high paying keyword is just a balance of Pay per click, search volume and advertisers. Find the right balance and you will be receiving the most revenue possible from your own parked domains. Experiment, and try to take a take a take a look at your overall efficiency not the number of clicks.

Sedo Domain Parking

Domain parking is actually the procedure for monetizing a domain that you’re not currently using or developing. Sedo, of all of the domain parking service, is one of the most recognized by professional domineers. It is because with the selection of monetized squeeze pages, it’s mainly a sales channel for areas. NameDrive is another of the popular domain parking providers, permitting users to monetize their undeveloped domain names. In this review I will be looking at what makes NameDrive distinctive from its rivals. Among the oldest and most established of domain parking businesses, DomainSponsor has gone via a several incarnations since its first days back in 2002.

DomainSponsor runs on the proprietary ad serving technology that leads to acutely relevant keywords being shown. Are you parking only as a means of storing areas for future improvement, or are you parking anticipating to earn some money. Last time I appeared Sedo had over 7 million names of domain for sale worldwide. Befitting their worldwide status, they likewise have particular country based web sites unlike the most other domain parking outfits. Utilized by both individuals wishing to sell their areas and individuals just wanting to park their areas for a little while, Sedo is quite easy to use. Everything is actually laid out with various sections for purchasing areas, sales areas and parking areas.

The very first thing you do whenever you park a domain with Sedo, is to choose on keywords. In case your domain already has keywords inside it, it is fairly straightforward. Whether you’ve a non specific area, you should do so little bit of research to choose on the best keywords. What’re the best? What you need is the right balance between the number of looks for that keyword against the value of that search click. A great tool to utilize to work this out is a free Google Keyword Tool – simply do a search for it and it will be there on results.

Only choose related keywords. Do not try to place totally unrelated keywords. Sedo doesn’t like this, and you’re devaluing the domain name for a long haul. Sedo offers a wide range of templates that are constantly tested for high conversions. Regardless if you’re intend to sell your domain or not, you also get the detailed traffic data. In addition to confirming the number of clicks pay, you also get to see what areas of the world visitors are originating from, most widely used and highest paying keywords and more. These stats are useful regardless if you’re selling your domain or not. Okay, you have earned some money from your parked domain.

Make Money With Domain Parking

If you are new to online marketing the fact that you could earn money on-line by parking expired domains may appear like a very strange idea. Why would you wish to have something to do with the expired domain expiration date? How may you earn money with them? And what the heck is a domain parking? ! But it is a great company and once you comprehend what it means, you will see the possibility of profits. You may also find expired domains which Use keywords relevant to your very own already developed websites. Parking a website domain name simply implies that you are hosting that domain anywhere and letting another person generate visitors to it while you choose what you would like to do with it.

Maybe you have stumbled upon an expired domain which has some really good inbound traffic, but you do not know exactly what you would like to do with it yet. You’d park that domain in a parking service and allow them set up a page which will keep that traffic to arrive till you decide how you are going to develop that site. It is also an useful way to get some traffic started until you are willing to work this area. Lots of Online marketers buy lots of areas a week plus they cannot develop most of them at the same time so that they could park them up they are ready.

Like I said, many individuals buy domain names each day and after that forget about them plus they eventually expire. Before we may talk about earning money with expired areas, we initially need to talk about how to get them. Regardless of what the domain name is, you are going to have to spend a specific amount of cash to purchase it. Some areas may cost as small as a number bucks and others can cost you thousand of dollars. Some sites that manage the selling and buying of expired domains may also give you details on incoming links and traffic. Look domains because they are still the most valuable. Look for domains which contain keywords or phrases which are simple to identify and remember.

Some Basics of Domain Parking

domainsforsalelogo300x250Finding a quality domain parking service became comparable to finding a needle in a haystack. Nowadays everybody from GoDaddy to Google is providing some type of domain parking services – and for valid reason. Utilizing the right domain parking service may result in between $30 and $50 everyday revenue from one Single Site. There are most definitely unique features to seek in a domain parking service. The domain parking service ought to be capable to automatically generate fresh content that could be rotated to ensure it’s best optimised for the search engines. Google is only getting smarter, and whether you’ve static site with stale content you’ll be penalised and get very little traffic and therefore revenue.

In addition it isn’t good enough to your domain parking service to show ads with relevant content- you’ll be penalised for this as well. Your domain parking service must enable you to retain 100% of the revenue produced via your domain name. Such services will typically require upfront fees, but it’ll be well worth it in the long term. Take the instance your site is producing a modest $10 each day. It’s not uncommon for the free parking service to take 40% of revenue. This would mean you’d be losing nearly $30 a week, or $120 each month. Most paid domain parking providers may charge less than one hundred dollars up front, that is a great investment for the future of your potentially valuable website.

For many the main goal of parking a website domain name, is to permit it to escalation in value and sell it for a profit when the right bid comes along. Leading domain parking providers may integrate the sales of your domain name in your website. This is typically done vial a link that allows inquiries be submitted by a type which you get via email.

What is Domain Parking?

domainsforsalelogo300x250Earning money with parked domains is relatively simple and you may do that by purchasing and keeping your parked domain for resale, or simply park your domain and earn money from marketing along with other revenue. The best domains to purchase and park are these areas which have keyword rich words in your domain name. Keyword rich areas have the search conditions as part of the real parked domain name and let you have type-in traffic to that domain as opposed to searched for traffic. Type-in traffic to your parked domain is as it implies is better as you do not have to do any marketing of your parked domain, and the quantity of traffic is the quantity of times individuals visit your parked domain name by typing your domain name directly in their browser without having to first arrive there via various other website or by utilizing search engines.

The best parked domains that use type-in traffic are these which are general in nature and that illustrate a service or product. Domain names like or or No substantial marketing or Search Engine Marketing is needed to earn money with your parked domain in this way. In case the domain name that you would like is already registered to somebody else and parked, then maybe the present owner of the parked domain will be intrigued in selling it. In case the present owner of the parked domain agrees to sell it, make sure how much traffic the parked domain happens to be getting before you make an offer for it.

The amount of traffic may easily be based on requesting the server data from the hosting business that’s hosting the parked domain, or just install code on parked domains, home pages, to record it. A smarter way might be to backorder the domain name if it’s due to expire and see if you may automobile register it should it not be renewed. In case the owner isn’t willing or does not know how to supply you with traffic information, go to www. Alexa produces a toolbar that individuals use to find info, and it’s based on the information they get that they’ll predict a web sites traffic. Knowing the quantity of traffic the parked domain gets, may determine if it’s worth your while to try and purchase it and park the area to make it earn you money.