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How To Grab Or Snap Good Domain Name

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For those of you who don’t know I want to mention that buying and selling domains these days can bring good money. Of course to make decent money you must have some good money in your pocket and know what kind of domains to buy. So research is a must and here I will try to help you to point in right direction and show you how you can find good names.

To be successful on the domain market you must have right tools. These days everybody knows that only automation can help you find one good domain among millions. So you need to decide first which domain you want to buy. If you are looking for domain with page rank and maybe website on it then it will be easy, because you don’t care about domain name in terms of letters, numbers, hyphens, pronunciation, or combos.

If you want to be involved in buy/sale transactions or to find good domain name for yourself then you have to do following things. First of all you need find good tools, I can say that my preferred tool is prtag dot com. It offers lots of things you will need to find good name.

So where to find a good domain name? Actually all or at least 99.99% of good names are registered. So the only way is to buy it on auction or try to snap it before it expires if current owner forgets to renew it. Believe me – lots of good domain names are forgotten to be renewed. The only thing is you need to monitor millions domains to find a few good one.

Everybody knows that the best known places to buy domains which are about to expire are:,,, So check all of them and see what it is all about and how to use them. And now I want to print which domains you must be interested in.

I can tell for sure that one word domains names are taken and it hard to find 2 or 3 letters domains. Also you need to know that TLD .com is still most widely used which means that good name with dot com extension will cost good money. So look for dot com first.

When you search for good domain make sure that name is pronounceable. Here is the most valuable combination CVVC, VCCV, CVCV, VCVC, CVCVC, VCVCV, where V stands for Valve and C stands for Consonant. Also domains with only letters and no hyphens like LLL, LLLL, 5L, 6L are valuable. You may find that domains with only numbers can be hard to find: NNN, NNNN, 5N.

Some combination of letters and numbers (sometimes hyphens) could be valuable too. Here is a few examples: C-C, V-V, C-V-C, V-C-V, L-L, N-N, L-L-L, N-N-N.

I want to warn you do not buy domain names which contain well known brand names and copyrighted. As long as no one use such domain even its registered those big giants wouldn’t bother you. But when they note that you make money with their domain name they will come after you. I can tell they they fork fast. I had my own experience when eBay sent me email within 3 days of registration of domain with ebay in it. So don’t risk your money, play smart.

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How to Choose a Domain Name

People, now a day, are shifting their business online to increase and enhance their sale and profits. They produce websites with the rich content for this purpose. The very first step that they encounter is the selection of domain name. Writing about this topic is quite odd but not neglect able. If you want your website optimized for search engines then you should be careful selection of a domain name matters too much. If you are unaware about the fact of on page SEO then you can have a comprehensive quick search on Yahoo or Google to discover and learn more about it. You would discover numerous articles that fully elaborate this term. It is very important for you to choose a correct domain name for your niche. The careful selection ensures the optimization and attraction of your website to search engines. People searching for the keywords in search engines related to your niche get your website discovered on first result page. You should always keep this fact in mind that you domain name should be based on your services or products that you are intending to sell online. Let’s suppose that if you are intending to provide the services for dog training then you should select the domain name identical to this name. This clearly makes your website visible for those people who are searching for the dog training services.

Let’s observe this example more deeply. Suppose that Rob is intending to find the information and services regarding dog training and he opens a search engine and enters his required in a phrase training your dog in to search engine. We suppose that Google displays the best and reliable results containing the results. The very thing that matters is the domain name. There are numerous people who just see the results and skip them to other page. But if Rob reads the results deeply including the domain name then he would surely notice the domain names like “howtotraindogs” and he would obviously click on that link as compared to “nickyscookerysolution”. It is true that it’s a bit complicated example but it solely tries to demonstrate the usage of domain name.

So always look at the product name or services and register the similar domain name. You can use the hyphens or you can use the complete combination of phrases to register your domain. If you are providing the educational services then you should chose the domain that contain edu, com at the end. But if you are choosing a domain for business purpose then you should select the .biz. You can search on Google for different companies that provide the domain solutions. You can buy cheap domain that are less than $ 10. If you want my advice then I strongly advise you to buy the domain from HostGator that is listed with the top hosting companies that provide domain and hosting solutions at cheap rates with the money back guarantee. If you live in UK then you can select country specific tld for your domain name.

An Introduction to Domain Names

domainsforsaletodaymakemoneysellingdomains300x250A domain name is a very integral part to a person’s individuation on the internet, if you want to start a business, a blog, create a website and the domain name that you take is going to be your identity. It is a good idea to brain storm – you should write down all the domain names that you have in mind. Once you have picked a domain name you can use the web to find out if the domain name is available.

Domain names development

Unfortunately, all the very good domain names have been used for a long time. The short and memorable ones became very valuable right away. Names like Loans dot com and Business dot com sold for round a Million dollars back in 1999. Now those names are worth much more than that. The dotcom bust brought domain name values down for a short period, but they begin rising again around 2003 and are now high above the Dotcom bubble levels.

It wasn’t long that all of the single word lexicon words were registered. At first it was chiefly the dot com propagation that was being bought up. Dot com is still King and considered the most valuable, but other extensions are gaining ground. Of course now, all the good domain names are registered in types such as, net,, ws, com, biz, etc.

Why choose a good domain name

If you have a difficult or hard to spell or remember domain name, your customers may end up going away to a competitor’s website when they are trying to get to your site. A difficult domain name may also result in you outlaying a good deal of money on paid traffic such as Google AdWords or Yahoo search ads so people can come to your website. It is always a good idea to have an easy to remember domain name.

Buying domain names to sell

If you are not aware you should be aware that obscene amounts of money are made from Domain Names. Every month names once purchased for as little as $ 12, are ever-changing hands for amounts ranging from $ 25 (100% Profit!) up to 5 figures sums, and frequently six or even 7 figure fortunes. And this is not the sales of a website; it’s only the Domain Name. (Not only dot com’s, but also .net’s, .org’s, .info’s, even .biz names, plus many national extensions like .us, .de etc.)

Make use of statistics and companies that are developing in popularity that might need certain domain name and then purchase that name. Don’t purchase a domain name because you think it looks or sounds scented or unique.

When purchasing a domain to sell you should purchase all the variants of the domain name. For instance if you have registered then try to get, .net. .org and so on this can multiply your net income when marketing to a big company who want to have all the variants for themselves so that clients do not land on some other site by mistake.


Buying a domain name is a very simple process there are many companies on the internet now that sell domain names. The prices that are supercharged for domain names also are not very expensive.

How You Can Register Your Business Domain Name

The largest and most reliable source for business information these days is the internet. People resort to the internet to find information on any business that sells any goods or provides any services. For a small business, it is important that it establishes its internet presence by developing an interne strategy. Whichever way you choose, if you ever plan to have a business website, it will be necessary to choose and register a business domain name. In this article, we will look at what is involved in choosing, registering, hosting and renewing a business domain name.

Choosing a domain name

A domain name consists of a combination of letter and numbers followed by top-domain designations like .com, .biz, .net etc. The domain name in this case acts as a kernel of the URL. A URL is a Uniform Resource Locator that takes the form where domain name is the business domain name.

Finding the appropriate domain name is difficult because there are millions of domain names already registered. However, there are other ways to make a situation work for you if you find that a business domain name you wanted to register has already been taken by someone else. These are:

a) Conceptual thinking – If a name you gave to your company has already been taken, think of alternative names that will still factor in the kind of service or products you offer. You can even turn your tagline into a successful domain name.

b) Add words to the name – Adding unique or common words before or after your business name can give you a domain name that is catchy and specific.

c) Consider different top-level domain – Most businesses always look for a .com domain. If you cannot find it, you may consider choosing a .net, .biz or other top-level domains. Recently, there are even newer top-level domains that are intriguing and available like .cc, .web and .ws.

d) Use a domain search service – If you are not certain about what you can take, use a domain search service like VeriSign to find the right domain name for your business. These often require that you enter certain keywords and concepts surrounding your business and your appropriate domain name will be generated for you automatically.

e) Registering a domain name

These days, it is not necessary to register a domain name with the registry service network solutions than transferring it to the webhost provider. Almost all webhosting companies offer domain registration services at low fees. The domain registration service you choose will notify you on the availability of a domain name, register it, notify you when it is active and notify you when to renew it.

Renewing your domain name

Failing to renew your domain name may cause it to be taken by someone else, and the price of getting it back may be ridiculous. To prevent this, it is best to instruct your webhost or domain registrar to automatically renew your domain name every year.

Boost Your Business with Keyword Rich Domain Name Search

Internet business is most important and common thing in present time. People do online business, shopping, sell things, buy things and much more on Internet. There are thousands of business websites who have programmed with online business features. But the main thing is how one can directly crawl to their desire online website and for business owners, how to get desirable domain name; which will directly put customers to their website with their search queries. For business people, the most important thing which business people need to consider is what online business they are doing. If they have the particular theme related business; then they need a business domain name which consists one of their main keyword. This one main keyword; first let there website to come in searched and then; with little promotional work will let them their website on top of the searches with that particular keyword.

Now, the main thing is to select the domain name of your choice. Consider, you are in custom t-shirts business then you need a domain name which somehow match with your main keyword. We can say like go for onlinecustomtshirts domain name or buycustomtshitrs domain name can serve their business purpose easily. Make a list of your business related keywords and then, search on the online domain providing website services who will give you domain of your desire in it. There are number of services who provide website address for the users of their own theme but sometime, the same website address already allocated to someone else. So at that time, go for the suggestions and select website name of relevant theme. These domain name providing services help you to get domain according to your location also. We can say that if you have educational website and you want a website address which will serve with an extension of .edu. The most important reason behind selecting these kind of extensions because Google and other search engines provides more priority to theme related websites then other websites with same .com kind of extensions.

Not only us, but everyone has observes that websites with .gov extensions keep on putting themselves on top of the search results. Now, you need to go for best out of the best domain service providers who will give you your website address for long term and at an affordable prices with much space to use. There are very less of these kind of online service provider; all you need to do some research and find best of them.

How To Find Great Domain Names For Your Sites

In this article I’m going to cover what is a really fundamental element to your online success and unfortunately for many just starting out its one that’s often overlooked in the initial enthusiasm of getting online in a hurry.

Do Research First And believe me we all make the same mistakes, Sam My wife and I when we first started out rushed over to GoDaddy and bought what we believed to be great domains for various niches, no research, no looking at how people were searching just what we thought sounded good. What a mistake that was, so read on and learn some key tips to getting a great domain …..

A good domain name is like a great piece of real estate property. It’s your site’s home on the web. It has a major influence on your traffic and sales. A good, clean, keyword-rich domain name is worth a lot more than most people realize. This is why it’s important to find good ones and sometimes to pay a pretty price for them.

Think Outside The Box If the one you want is unavailable, don’t despair. It’s well worth searching for the right one. There are a number of different places where you can find domain names that are old and expired. These are auction sites where you can bid on names that you like. Some of the best auction sites are Go Daddy (, Aged Domain Finder ( and BustAName (

You can also find great domain names by simply searching for sites on Google and then contacting webmasters. Search for the keywords, location and any other information you’re looking for, or just type in the domain name you want. If you find one that’s expired, do a WhoIs search and contact the Webmaster. They may sell it to you.

What Are The Best Domain Names?

The best domain names are simple. They’re things like or Believe it or not, there are lots of people looking for golf information online who will type in ‘’ instead of using Google search. But don’t expect to see either of these for sale, or at least not for under a gazillion dollars; these are just examples!

If you’re working in micro-niches, take your most-targeted keywords and give them a try. There are lots of ‘how to’ and ‘tips’ domain names up for sale that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Try to find something that’s either an exact match, or your targeted keyword phrase with one or two additional words.

When you’re looking at expired domain names, you should always research them well. Look at their age. Older domain names are better because Google has known them for a while. Even if they’ve been parked for years, you’ll still get major traffic benefits. Also, check their PR and Alexa ranking just in case they might have some love from Google already.

Domain names that end in .com are always better. There’s absolutely no doubting this. But they can also be priced astronomically high. Although .net, .org, .info. .biz and all the others aren’t quite as good, they’re still worth it if it’s a good name.

Domain Name Resources

Coming up with your own domain name (rather than buying an expired one) is always the cheapest option. You just have to pay to register it. But what if you’re out of ideas? A great resource that can help you is NameStation ( This is a site that helps you think of random domain names and also shows if they’re available. It also has a bulk domain name search function that’s really fast.

Other sites for coming up with names include:

Dislexicon –

Word Mixer –

Word Finder –

If you want to look for expired domain names, here are some other resources:

Go Daddy Auctions –

Aged Domain Finder –

BustAName –

JustDropped –

Sedo –

Bido –

AfterNic –

DomainsBot –

DomainMonkey –

DomainTools –

GreatDomains –

NameJet –

SnapNames –

WinYourDomain –

So there you have it, spend time searching for the right names, check them out, is it what people are searching for? Be harsh with yourself and discard those ideas that although they may look good don’t return worthwhile search results.

Seven Tips To Choosing The Domain Name That Will Boost Your Business

Your domain name is your business name on the Internet. This is a decision that will affect search engine optimization as well as your return customer traffic. Your domain name will also affect anchor text of inbound links and your search engine rankings.

Some companies have chosen to brand themselves with names that have nothing to do with their business i.e. Yahoo, Google, Amazon, and eBay. It’s not that they don’t understand search engine rankings but that they have deep pockets for advertising to help their customers remember their name.

Here are 7 tips to help you choose a domain name making you more memorable to your customers and search engines alike.

1. Keep your name as short as possible. People remember names of their favorite websites. If your domain name is short and memorable you have a better chance of return traffic. Advertising your name offline becomes easier when it’s something people can remember without writing down.

2. Be clear about the direction of your web business. When you start your business you may have an idea to sell widgets but as your business grows you may find that widgets, wickets and wonkets all sell well. Your domain name should be able to grow with your business.

3. Try to include 2 keywords in your domain name. When you design your domain name you should include at least one, if not two, keywords in the name. This helps to improve your search engine ranking and organic search traffic. Search engines will place a higher value to a site that sells widgets, has widgets in the name and has content that is optimized for widgets. The assumption is widgets will be the focus of your site and therefore provide valuable content to the searcher.

4. Include the location in the name if you are marketing and selling in only one specific location. Are you a realtor selling exclusively in Chicago?,, all have the keyword Real Estate and the location. However, if you sell widgets in Chicago but ship around the world you won’t put Chicago in the domain name. People searching for widgets will pass over your site if they believe, from your name, that you sell only in Chicago.

5. Avoid trademarked names. You’ve heard the stories of the little guy who buys a name the big company wants. He sells the name and spends the rest of his days retired on a private island. Those days are gone. Now the big companies are calling their lawyers. or are just not good ideas.

6. Look legitimate and buy the variations. Avoid purchasing .biz, .tv, or .ws as your main site. The most respect is given to sites on .com, .net, and .org. On the other hand once you have a .com that you intend to grow you should also buy the other extensions and potentially even the .biz, .tv and .ws. Redirect those sites to your primary site. This way if a customer can’t remember the extension he’ll get to your site anyway. The new kid on the block is .mobi. This is the extension used for mobile devices and sites providing services on the mobile web. Opened for general registration on September 26, 2006 and sponsored by a consortium of companies including Microsoft, Google and Nokia this extension has already sparked criticism.

7. Ask for advice. You’d be surprised at how many times a domain names sounds absolutely brilliant at 1 am when you purchase it. However, in the light of day, when you’ve asked some of your friends, it makes no sense at all. Ask your friends, relatives and head over to a webmaster forum. You’ll get great advice, learn a few things you didn’t know and see your business from a new set of eyes.

These simple tips will help you establish a solid foundation for your Internet business and send you targeted qualified customers.

Profitable Domain Names

It’s said that the land hurry today is a virtual one, taking place on-line throughout the purchase of domain names. There are definitely fortunes to be made in the domain name as the previous sale of certain names have instructed six and seven figure price tags while entire portfolios have sold for tens of huge amount of money. The very first thing to consider is why you would like to earn money with domain names and what you hope to get from them.

Are you hoping to buy low and resell the areas for a profit? Or could it be an investment with an extended term strategy of web site development and growth? There are various Different ways to take when taking part in the field after market, and understanding where you wish to go is the initial step towards getting there. Not everybody can earn money with names of domain, but the continual and inspired frequently do. The obvious way to earn money with domain names is to purchase low and sell high. This is among the most typical methods used on the stock exchange and may be very profitable in several domain circumstances as well.

If you happen to register a domain than other understand has value, the distinction in the subscription fee and this observed value may be a good advantage for domain owner. Domainers who earn money using this method frequently monitor trends in the field market, registering keywords of new upper level Areas, registering and selling desirable domain designs, or simply following what is hot or picking up established areas as they expire. The upside to selling domain names is that you could generate a decent quantity of profits in a comparatively brief period of time. It may be difficult to find buyers for particular names and if areas are not reasonable priced, a buyer might never appear.

You’ve to spend some time to find areas to buy, follow through with the purchase, and after that to find a buyer and complete the sales. You can even find yourself holding onto domain names a lot longer than originally thought and wind playing the waiting game. With most areas, you’ll find far best ways to generate profits, but do not discount this way of its potential capability to generate income very quickly with the right domains. Paid parking is another approach to make a profit on domain names. If you pay $12 annually for registration fee, the domain would need to earn somewhat greater than $1 each month to be an advisable option.

Quick Tips With Choosing A Domain Name

Buying a domain name is a quick process but thinking up of one takes time. You don’t want to jump in and buy just any domain that is available. People get a buzz when they think they have a cool domain name that is available and then buy it without realizing the domain name that they have won’t help them at all. People also get hosting and domain name packages confused. Hosting helps you with being able to get your website up and going.

You have to first buy the domain name and then you pick out a nice hosting package that meets your needs. It can be tough trying to choose a domain name online so here are some tips that might be able to help you before you go in and make a big mistake with picking the wrong name for your website.

When you have purchased a domain name online the one thing that you should know is that you cannot go back and change that domain name. You are stuck with it forever unless if you decide to sale the domain name. This is why it’s important that you think about what kind of name you need and what goes with what you are doing.

The only way to change the domain name is if you decide to get another one but then you are still stuck with what you had first so you would be paying for two domain names which is really pointless if you won’t be using the other one. People will either remember or won’t remember the domain name that you have so you should get one that is simple and one that people can easily type in on their computer and these days can easily research on their phone or tablets.

Another mistake that sometimes people make is that they buy a cool domain to them but the domain name is not something that most people can easily pronounce. You always want to have one to where people can say it without any problems. If they have issues saying it then they might not be able to tell their friends about it and that could cost you some sales that you might have had if the domain name was one that people could say. It does not matter if the website you have is awesome when people cannot pronounce it or tell their friends about that website then they might not be back again so say the name out loud and get other people to say it before you decide to buy it and make sure that people can pronounce it.

Do not buy domain names that have underscores, hypens or dashes. It is very complicated trying to type in those kind of names and also not very easy to remember. Many websites don’t have those in them so it’s not something that is natural and that’s another reason as to why people might not remember them or type them out. They might find it odd that your website has them and could even feel uncomfortable looking around because it’s just not something people normally do and so you could lose tons of traffic from having such things in your website.

Pick out a domain name that people will know already and might be looking for online. The keyword tool is a great way to research for popular words people might be searching online. Just make sure that someone else is not already using the domain name. Some companies might not have a website up but that could be their name so you don’t want to get a domain name that is a trademark and be forced to give it up. Think about what kind of website names you visit the most and review their names and let that influence you on picking out one.

Selecting A Domain Name For Your Website

It can be a complicated task when deciding to create a website; but selecting the correct domain name is even more complicated. More traffic can be driven to your website with a good domain name, and a not so good domain name can cause an inactive website. The purpose of your own website is to effectively represent your purpose, whether it is personal or business. Once your website has been created, you should and must register your own domain name.

So what exactly is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique alphanumeric name which identifies your website on the World Wide Web. A domain name includes a maximum length of 67 characters, which includes the 0 to 9 numbers, English alphabet composed of 26 letters, and the hyphens. However, it is not possible to use hyphens at the beginning or end of a domain name, only within the name.

Suffixes are included in domain names, which are referred to a Top Level Domain (TLD). These TLD’s are based on the category of organization that they are related to. Listed below are several of the most popular TLD’s:

– com for commercial business domain
– edu for education institution
– gov for government agency
– net for commercial network
– org for nonprofit organizations

Because identity is given to a website through the domain name, selecting the correct one can be a rather complicated task. The key is to select a name that is simple to remember, search engine optimization friendly, and essentially a domain name that refers to the content or products and services that you are providing on your website. Ultimately, the selection of the correct domain name can make or break you.

Do’s and Don’ts of selecting a Domain Name

Of course, your websites content should be reflected in your domain name. If you sell shirts, then do not select a domain name such as pants. This will only confuse visitors and make no sense at all.

As mentioned above, a domain name should be easy to remember. Never select a name that is too long. Think about which one is better:

– yourshirts, or
– your-shirts-available-in-many-colors-and-styles.

However, after saying this, a short name is also not advisable. This is because a short name will not give as much impact in driving traffic to your website. Attempt to purchase a domain name with few keywords that are relevant to your websites content. Again, think about which is better:

– yourshirts, or
– shirt

Incorporating keywords when selecting a domain name with assist you, because this will give higher search engine results. When selecting a domain name of yourshirts, the fact that the website is about shirts is immediately recognized. However, when selecting a domain name of yoursite, gives no indication as to what the website is about, which will loose you potential website traffic.