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Best Ways To Make Money With Your Domain Names

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People are always searching for ways to make money, and unbeknownst to most of them they most likely already have an incredibly powerful tool within their reach. This tool can help you make money or even residual income several different ways as long as you are willing to do the work it takes. So, what is this brilliant tool?

It’s a domain! Believe it or not people all over the world are making money utilizing their domain names in ways most people wouldn’t even consider. Listed below I’m going to talk about three of the options you might want to consider, one of these are considered profitable almost right away, where as the other two take a little bit longer but are just as valuable if not more so!

Domain Parking –
If you have a domain, you could be earning potential money from it. This is one of the easiest ways to make money online! If you have a domain simply join a site, park your domain, point your DNS settings at your registrar to the parking site, send visitors and voila that’s it. Of course you can’t tell people to do searches on your site, or tell them to click links but you can earn good money from this!

See, ads or “feeds” are placed on the domain from sites like Google and Yahoo. When people do searches on your site google pays the domain company and the domain company pays you a certain percentage of that money. Pretty easy. Check out forums and message boards for some of the best sites to join!

Domain Real Estate –
If you know anything about domains, and can get your hand on some good ones for, however, much you are willing to spend, you can make a living buying and selling domains. Buy low sell high, type thing. You can sell domains pretty much anywhere but there are certain “official” websites for this kind of work, such as afternic and sedo. But you can also sell them on forums such as NamePros or DigitalPointForums. Don’t think just because your selling them on forums you won’t make good money. I’ve seen people on NamePros selling and buying domains for as much as $ 35k!

Affiliate Programs – Almost every single website out on the Internet has some sort of an affiliate-ship, affiliate program, profit sharing program, etc. An Affiliate program is a program you join as an affiliate from a website. These can be large well-known websites such as Amazon, AllPosters, ProFlowers, etc. Or they can be from other sites you may not have heard of.

Check all of these sites out. A good place to find a directory for Affiliate Programs is a site called AffiliatePrograms. You can earn a percentage of every sale you make. If you’re an expert sales representative this would be the way to go for you. Me, I’m not so good at selling stuff, but that doesn’t mean I don’t belong to a few programs! They also have affiliate programs where you can get paid for getting people to do trials, or if you can get people to download things like computer software, e-cards, e-books, etc.

Regarding the first two options, the point a lot of people try to make when doing domain parking is that they not only can make money from it in the meantime, but if they build up enough traffic and heighten the “worth” of the domains with traffic, page rank and backlinks that they can eventually be led to option number two which is the domain real estate option.

Chances are if you have a domain name you just bought, it’s not going to sell for $ 35k but eventually after building traffic, backlinks, page rank, and even making money from programs like AdSense on your site you can raise the level of worthiness to the domain name. Another thing to think about with both the domain parking and the domain real estate, is the type of domain you have.

A good domain is considered a good domain because of certain “rules”. These rules include things like .com extensions, valuable keywords, niches that are popular, and even the amount of characters per your domain name.

For example a 2 character domain name (even if it doesn’t make sense) has a higher chance of selling or being worth more than a site with 23 characters. This is really one of those “trial and error” deals, I don’t have all the answers after my experience, but I do have a few hints and tricks, the same hints and tricks you will figure out once you are in the “game” for a while.

Just tweak the site where you can and try to make money with it in the meantime or work a little harder, and sell it for big money down the road, whatever works for you!

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Choosing and implementing the right gTLD domains for your business

The Internet is a sea of information and offerings and a unique identity and strategy is required for businesses, entrepreneurs, communities and governments to make a distinctive presence felt on the medium. Your brand’s name could be the starting point for your global footprint on the Internet!

In fact ICANN has understood the need to address the presence of competition in the online domain name market and has brought new generic top level domain names (gTLDs) for businesses and other properties to choose a name of their choice and one that reflects their business.

How do you identify the right gTLD domains that resonate with your business and differentiate you from your competitors? Further, what are the best practices involved in implementing gTLDS?

How SLAM can help you with your gTLD strategy

For businesses looking to develop effective online strategies, building an online brand and differentiating from the competition is an effective step. This is where owning a gTLD domain relevant to one’s business comes into play. However, a domain name is merely the starting point for developing an online footprint of the brand – the real test comes in positioning the brand name through various optimization and advertising campaigns, a task that can be led by specialists in the domain.

Let’s take a look at how an Internet strategy company like SLAM Strategy develops a company’s gTLD brand:

Retailing online
A major requirement for online businesses remains generating online visibility and boosting sales. This includes driving traffic to the website by showing up on clients’ search results and further converting potential customer visits into actual sales.

Specialists who understand online retail business can help companies devise specific online strategies that fit well with the business’ needs, and draws customers who visit the site to purchase the website’s product or service offerings – and keep them coming back for more!

Online optimisation
Is your online business model a success? Are you getting the maximum traffic and does your online sale correspond linearly with the number of customers who visit your website?

These are questions that many businesses struggle to answer clearly. It is, however, the role of specialists in Internet strategy to analyse the dynamics of an online business and suggest a strategy that addresses the following concerns:
* The best method for a website to function
* Key elements that will deliver the highest return of investment
* The right internet strategy for the business’ needs

For example, the Internet strategy specialist team at SLAM Strategy analyses the keyword functioning and ranking for their client’s website and suggest the right keywords in that domain along with creating optimisation strategies to ensure that the website improves its online visibility for the products and services it provides.

Along with implementing top level domains, an effective SEO strategy will build a strong website that attracts customers on search engines and places it ahead of the competition.

Online advertising
Your brand top level domain name can reach its target customers through strategic online advertising campaigns. The Adwords specialists at SLAM work with businesses to improve campaign efficiency and draw maximum results. In fact, being a Google Adwords certified partner has ensured that the company has the best advertising practices in place for branded TLD campaigns.

Online marketing
The final aim for including a brand top level domain name is to draw maximum profitability while increasing a brand’s global footprint. This is where Internet marketing strategy and implementation comes into play, and drives the return of investment in online marketing.

Therefore, while gTLD domains allow your business to gain a distinct identity on the Internet, they must be implemented strategically for maximum visibility and return of investment. Identifying the right Internet marketing strategy, devising TLD marketing and advertising campaigns and gaining exposure through the correct usage of social media channels are just some solutions that an Internet marketing company can help your business with.

Have you made the right investment for your business yet?

How To Benefit From Expiring Domains

To be successful on the internet you must have a web site with a good amount of traffic. These days everybody knows that traffic is a king. So all search engines are queens. So who are you then? A princes or prince? Or you are someone forgotten on the side of the big money road? Just don’t get lost among the road signs and look for some right exit. And here I want to tell you about one of these exits which is about domains which are about to expire.

Why expiring domains could be useful for you? Very simple – you are looking for visitors and those domains already have human traffic. Some of them have a lot some not. Most of domains come with a good ranking in search engines and therefore with a real human traffic and not bots.

Now you think how long it will take for you to promote website on completely fresh domain? Yes it will take some time depend on search engine. And more important is how much it will cost you? I think money and time are key players and you should consider it. For example for a few hundred dollars you can buy domain with good Google page rank of 4 or 5. Now sit down and calculate how much money you have to invest to get this page rank promoting your website? I guess a lot more.

When you buy expiring domains you must keep in mind that what this for. I can say that there are a few major way you can use it. The simple way is just buy it and redirect all traffic to your main domain and wait till this traffic disappears. Another way is to build website on it and let search engines to maintain its existence. This way is more time consuming, as well as you need to invest some more money to keep promotion. But that will a good jump start for your main website. Just make sure that you find a good domain name.

So how do you find those qualifying domains? Yes it is not very simple. Domain registrars delete everyday hundred of thousand domains which means that you have to check all of them to find out a few you may consider to buy for yourself. But before I tell you how to look at it I will point when it is a good time to buy.

So which domains we may call expiring? If you are not in this game already then I will tell you: these are domains which past their renewal date but registrars are holding them for some time allowing the current owner to renew it. If some owners do not renew their domains for some reason then registrars lock those domains for the deletion.

During locking time registrars try to sell these domains to public. And this is the time you have to check for ranking. Manual check is required, but before you need to find some tool which will scan thousand of those domains and let you know if domain with page rank and back links found.

The Link between PPC and Expired Domain Market

PPC programs are one of the reasons why registering expired names is constantly increasing these days. Many people realize the opportunity that this thing offers to web developers.

The PPC programs are lucrative and profitable for many people as it is a 6 billion dollars market. Those who trade domain names can use this type of advertising for covering some of the costs.

Those who trade domain names realize that it is very important to have some form of monetization while waiting to resell a domain name. It is important to attract traffic on your website and to make some residual income while doing it and PPC programs are the most suitable for this.

Purchasing expired domain names is usually because there are some great domain names with great keywords that are left to expire by their owners. Targeted traffic can be attracted to such domain names and experienced traders know that very well.

Nowadays, the PPC industry plays a very important role when it comes to earning a residual income from advertising. You should profit from this situation and purchase as many expired domains as you can. You will get targeted and quality traffic for your website and make some money with it. If you do not want to keep that domain name you can resell it later at a higher price.

There are a few things you need to do in order to make money from expired domains. These things are listed below in order to help you with this:

1) First of all you should find the expired domains. In order to do that, you need a source for expired and expiring domains. Once you have the source you will be able to choose the best ones from that source.

2) After you registered your expired domain, you will have to contact a PPC program for enrolling your domain name with them. It is for your own good to search for a reliable company in this domain.

3) You will get paid for every click on your ads. The amount will not be extraordinary, but think about how many clicks you can get every hour or every day.

Using PPC programs for expired domains is a fructuous activity but many prefer using them on their websites. However, if you are a domain name trader and you buy and sell domains, you should think about getting expired domains with a lot of traffic and monetize them with PPC. If you do not want to keep the domain name, you can sell it later for more money as these kinds of websites sell better.

In conclusion, the Internet world offers us new opportunities every year. This is because the Internet market is a volatile one and things change really fast. One of the great opportunities in this domain is purchasing expired domain names and monetizing them with PPC programs. This can make you some serious money with a small investment.

A Domain Parking Script to Suit All Purposes


Just imagine how long it would take you to develop all your websites if you owned a number of parked domains: for instance, if you had 3,000 websites and you wanted to develop each one? Can you imagine the cost of hiring somebody on a freelance basis to manually develop each one? A domain parking script has to capabilities to make short work of all 3,000 of your websites, developing each parked domain into a site offering a viewer rich, relevant content that gets updated and managed completely automatically. A domain parking script can easily be uploaded to your web site, changing a boring ‘under construction’ site into one that is quite likely to bring you a regular income.

Individually, a site may only bring in 0.20c of revenue per week but, multiply that by the 3,000 websites that now exhibit rich context-laden content and you will be raking in quite a substantial regular income: $ 600 per week, in fact, as well as maintaining your page rankings and the value of your domain itself. Our domain parking script is suitable for use with Google Adwords, with Amazon and with Ebay, as well as any of the myriad Affiliate sites on the Web today which may be bringing you in an income.

Domain Parking Solution

Our domain parking script offers domain owners a particularly powerful interface that enables all your domains, no matter how many they are, to be hosted from a single account. Our domain parking script also provides an integral control panel so that you can customize each web site with its own content, after which the domain parking script automatically manages the domain content. Now is actually a really good time to purchase a domain parking script, with D-Park Pro Domain Parking Script able to offer you an unlimited site licence, open source code as well as the domain parking script choc-full of useful features to develop your domain. With our domain parking script enables you to earn from a range of different sources: all you need to do is enter your ID code into the script and the D-Park Pro script adapts the content of your site accordingly.

Content can be generated automatically or it can be fully customized, depending on the domain the domain parking script is pointed towards. Whether you want to generate contextualized content from an RSS feed or on the fly, we have a domain parking script to suit your purposes. Furthermore, if a time comes when you feel you need to sell your domain, all you need to do is to make minor adjustments to your domain parking script, marking that specific domain as ‘For Sale’, with the facility for prospective purchasers to contact you through a secure interface that becomes enabled in the domain parking script as soon as you mark that domain for sale. You can even make any potential offers visible to other prospective purchasers in an attempt to generate a bidding war using the state-of-the-art software that runs your domain parking script.

Take a look at this great domain parking script; click here!

Is There Any Money In Domain Names?

domainsforsaletodaymakemoneysellingdomains300x250Purchasing your own domain name is a fairly easy process; there are numerous companies accessible on the internet now that sell domain names. The typical price for a domain name today tends to be fairly conservative and not to expensive.

If you opt on a difficult or hard to remember or spell domain name, your clients may end up leaving your website for a competitor’s site when they are trying to access your website. Having such a domain name may also result in you paying out a great deal of money on paid traffic such as MSN adcenter or Yahoo search ads so people can visit your website. It’s always best practice to have a website that people find easy to remember.

Unfortunately today, all the best domain names have been taken. The ones that are found to be short and memorable tend to be taken up right away. Names such as Business dot com or Name dot come sold for close to one million dollars back in 1999. Today these names are worth much more than that. The dotcom bust brought the value of domain names down for only a short period, but they began to rise again around 2003 and are now far above the dotcom bubble levels.

A domain name is a very integral part to a person’s individualism on the internet, if you want to start a business, a blog, create a website and the domain name that you take is going to be your identity. It is a good idea to brain storm – you should write down all the domain names that you have in mind. Once you have chosen a domain name you can use the web to find out if the domain name is available.

It wasn’t long that all of the single word lexicon words were registered. At first it was chiefly the dot com propagation that was being bought up. Dot com is still King and considered the most valuable, but other extensions are gaining ground. Of course now, all the good domain names are registered in types such as, net,, ws, com, biz, etc.

When you’ve decided on a domain to sell you should acquire all the variants of that specific domain name. For example, if you were to acquire then you should take it upon yourself to get, .org, .net and so on, this can quadruple your profits if you sell to a big company who want all the different variants for themselves so that their clients don’t land on another site by mistake.

When choosing your domain name, make sure to make use of statistics and companies that may be developing in popularity that may in the future need a certain domain name and then purchase that name. Never purchase a domain name solely because you think it sounds nice or is unique.

Domain Name Tactics Every Business Should Follow

domainsforsaletodaymakemoneysellingdomains300x250When you’re starting a business, you want to make sure that you register all the names that are out there under the banner of your brand. You may not know this, but there are a lot of people that seek out registration points to make a profit later on. Some companies spend upwards of millions of dollars to buy domains after they have been taken up by some technical guru somewhere and that could be problematic overall. If you’re looking to ensure that you keep your brand and name circulating in the right industries, you’ll want to seek out domain name tactics every business needs to follow. The following things will help you get to that place where you have absolute control.

Check on all Domain variations – The first thing that you need to do is make sure to use a domain name checker to find variations of your name that you may not have. If you already have a dot com, look for dot net, dot us, and other points of interest. These will definitely help you maintain a handle on the marketplace in case someone types in the wrong name or suffix. This is crucial to keeping your brand away from any marauders that might come through and tarnish it by applying it to a different type of business or one of illicit nature.

Domain Name Registration – Before you even open the doors to your business, snatch up the name. Whenever you have an idea for a lateral move, or a branch of your company’s policies use a domain search to find if it’s available than purchase the name fast. Names are snatched up fast today and some are just waiting to take your variations so keep that in mind. Do not let someone else take what you’re placing on hold or parking, instead make a preemptive strike and keep moving forward. Not only do you need to register your main name, do so with every variation on the spelling of the name including abbreviations.

Renewals – When you’re working with domain name registration it’s very important that you keep track of renewal dates. If you don’t remember when something renews, you are going to find it hard to move forward when someone else buys it from under you. There are a great number or horror stories where people let a domain name lapse only to find out that someone else was just waiting for a chance to purchase it.

One last thing to remember when dealing with names is to keep track of the contact information on each one. If you change email addresses, when the renewal point comes into play, you could end up losing the URL. Do not risk it, always keep your information up to date, register names frequently and do not let anyone take your brand without a fight. There are so many odd characters out there just waiting for a slip up so that they can profit on selling back the name that is rightfully yours. Always keep an eye open as to what is going on with domains, so that you aren’t caught off guard.

Avoid Registering Domain Names Like This When Flipping Websites

Odds are, you’ve come to this post after searching for advice on registering domain names in website flipping. So here’s a piece of solid advice for you: getting a good domain name is key to a profitable website flipping business.

So, when can you say a domain isn’t worth registering?

Well for starters, you’d do best to stay away from domains that do not end with .com, .org and .net as buyers rarely show interest on anything other than these three top-level domains. Further, you should refrain from using hyphens and numbers in your domian name. Rather than bringing value to your website, uncalled for symbols like hyphens and numbers can bring down worth.

Aside from this, a lengthy domain name, specifically one that passes the 20-character mark, may also lower the likelihood of a sale. So if you’re thinking that a domain name like would produce a lot of buzz, give it more thought. Maybe you’d get more inquiries for your listing with

A too-specific domain name is also best avoided, as that may limit the number of potential buyers. The more generic a domain, the greater its possible mass appeal will be and the more interested buyers you’ll interest. Oh, and it definitely helps to have the right spelling! Misspelled words can be of some use for search errors, sure, but they continue to be an eyesore on for that particular domain name.

And whilst you create a domain name that’s short, generic, and with the right spelling, you also shouldn’t forget about including a keyword. Further, getting the exact keyword for your domain would certainly be a huge bonus. As an example, is good enough but is the better option between the two.

Lastly, make things easy for yourself and avoid registering domain names that use trademark brands. Trademarks pose a red flag to buyers, and you’ll likely receive a nice cease and desist letter from a lawyer.

By following these simple rules for flipping websites, your websites are off to a good start. Plus, you’ll enjoy an advantage over others.

Internet Marketing For Small Business Tips – Choosing A Domain Name For Your Lead Generation Website

If you want to create an internet marketing for small business strategy for your local business you will need to have a website set up. This website needs to be a lead generation website in order to be effective as a marketing tool.

So what do we mean by lead generation website? To be an effective marketing tool for your local business the website that you have set up should be search engine optimized, and have the ability to capture the names and email addresses of those who visit it.

The first step towards an effective lead generation website is to choose a domain name for it. This is the name of your website and it also determines the address where it may be found on the internet. When you choose a domain name remember to include the main keywords that your target market will type into the search engines to find you.

Let’s look at an example to illustrate more clearly what I mean. We will assume you have a local business, called Anderson Plumbing Services in the town of Membury. You certainly would not want your domain name to be the name of your business because not many people would find your site this way. You want to use the keywords which a prospective customer might type into Google to find your services, and incorporate them into a domain name. So a better example for your domain name might be

So now that you understand that it is important to include keywords in your domain name, where can you find out what keywords people are using when they are looking for information on local business services? Fortunately there are many tools that can help you find these words. One of these is the Google Keyword Tool. If you type the phrase “Google keyword tool” into your search bar you will find it is the first result to come up.

Type into the search box some words that you think people might be searching for such as “membury plumbing” and the tool will bring up a list of many others related to this one. You will also see some columns which tell you how many times a phrase is searched and what the competition is like for that phrase. Ideally you will want a keyword phrase that gets enough searches but for which there is not too much competition. Once you have a few domain name ideas written down you need to select a domain name registrar to see if the name you have chosen is available and register it. The domain name registrar that I use is Godaddy. Do not take any notice of all the upsells that this registrar will try and sell you. Just register the name you have chosen. It is a good idea to register your domain name for as long as you can; five years is best. The search engines are able to pick up these details and tend to take more notice of a domain name that has been registered for longer.

Now that you have a domain name that has keywords in it you will be stand a better chance at achieving an effective lead generation website as people will be able to find it more easily.

Business Idea: Make Money With Domain Names

Could you run a business from home and make money trading domain names? You certainly could if you were around and buying them a few years ago. But is it still possible to make money from them now? Is it possible to buy a domain, build a basic site around it – or even not bother doing that at all – and sell it on at a profit?

There is no doubt that there are still business people who are doing this. There are even websites that exist for the sole purpose of enabling people to buy and sell domain names and the websites that have been built around them.

But the trick is not so much in doing it; it is in finding the right domain names to buy that will generate your business a good profit. The cost of buying them is not expensive, but you need to be fairly sure you will get a good return for your money after accounting for all expenses. And since some domains sell for three or four figures – and some lucky people might get even more for certain choice domain names – it pays to research the market thoroughly first.

The chances are that if you just dive in and pick names you think might sell on for a profit, you will be disappointed. If you are going to start a business like this you would probably be better off at least trying to build a website around the domain name so that you have more to sell. Bear in mind that when you try to sell a domain name you only have the promise of that name to sell people. If you build a site around it you can have more control over what you promote and sell to potential buyers. This is called website flipping as opposed to domain flipping, which is the process of selling just a domain name on its own.

If you do want to try your hand at buying and selling domain names for a profit, the best bet is to work out which terms are likely to bring you the best rewards. For example at the time of writing the domain name had been offered for sale. Needless to say this is a term used by lots of people to re-publish messages given by others on the social networking site Twitter. At the moment the sum offered for the domain is in five figures, and looks set to go higher.

This is just one example but it does go to show how you can still start a business and make money by choosing select keywords to build a domain around. If you are going to try this though you stand a better chance of making good money if you take the time to build a website so that you have more to offer. With careful planning and researching of the market you could end up making one or two significant sales to kick off a home based business. So don’t discount the possibility of making money from domain names – it can still be done if you are careful.