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Turning Profit With Domain Registration

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There is serious profit to be made with Buy and Sell domain registration. The market for interesting domain names has reached its pinnacle proportions with catchy domains giving rise to a successful consumer following. One can clearly state that domain real estate is a booming market.

There are several methods of making money by owning and selling good domain names. You can post the availability of a previously registered domain on many websites.

You can choose the way you sell your domain name. You may add content and a monetization breakdown or simply sell it because of its keyword demand or popularity in genre or many other reasons.

Due to the simple fact that many .com domains that are short and memorable fall in line with niche categories of successful businesses, owning the perfect name that a successful business wants can be your ticket to huge piles of cash.

This market is so lucrative that if you were lucky enough to register some sought after domain names you can walk away with a small fortune by auctioning it off.

Some entrepreneurs take advantage of their nesting domains by building its potential through site flipping. This is a great way to monetize on a site that might not be that ideal when it comes to having a catchy name, or is not as hot as other much sought after domain registries.

By building up a site and adding valuable content you can build a following which will add a great deal to the monetary value of a site. If you have a popular site not because of its name but because of whats in it you can increase its hits and make it a popular tag for search engines, something that any site aspires for.

By using the right keywords on your site you can even increase your chances of gaining favour with search engines and as you build your site the profitability of the domain increases.

If you are having trouble keeping track of all your parked domains then a domain broker can be of help, making sure that you maintain all your investments and helping you monetize your domains until you are ready to sell.

The affordable cost of domain registration makes it possible to gain so much profit but you also have to understand that not all domains you register will bring you its return of investment.

Sometimes domain trading takes a bit of luck as a domain may give you a break-even sale or get you that sparkling deal. As you get better and gain more exposure in the domain registry circuit you will increase your chances of picking lucrative domain registries.

There are several need-to-knows in this industry such as best places to buy, naming conventions all of which will fuel your success to make a profit. Remember that in the domain registration industry, a little research will go a long way so take the time to put in those hours and get to know the important ins and outs before you venture and buy domains.

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Domain Flipping: Enjoy Good Profits in Your Online Business

What do you understand by domain flipping? In simple terms it means buying a domain which has a cheap price attached to it. Then the buyer enhances the value of the domain and sells it a high price. This method is a typical brand building strategy in order to increase the visibility of the website and create a good online traffic for the website and the company.

Is domain flipping a difficult process?

When you start flipping a domain, you would take time to understand this method and would lose money if you do not use the correct methodology. If you want earn good amount of profits, you would have to learn the correct way and use it at the right time. When in this business you have to understand a few things, such as:

* You have to understand the significance attached to a domain name. Good ones have short effective names and enjoy a good visibility in the online world.

* Understanding the correct trends of the domain market is also essential, as you should know which company should be able to buy which name which is based on the search engine ranking listing.

* An old domain can be flipped at a greater profit if the value is added to it and the same name is sold to the right buyer at the correct time. The timing does become very essential in domain flipping.

* The best thing about this business that it can be started with a small amount. This amount when circulated well grows into a good profit. You can thus make a good profit with very small investments and that is a very good business investment.

How do you make this business effective?

When you have parked your domain and want to increase its value, you have to do a few things:

* In your parked domains, you can add advertisements of popular products. You could also endorse online business strategies like “click and pay method” where you would earn commissions from every click that a potential customer makes and then buys the product.

* You can on a regular basis, check what are the new business websites which are being published on a daily basis and if you have a domain name that is similar to any of their products or services, you can approach them for selling it. This would be good push business strategy and you would enjoy profit on your domain sale too.

* Understanding the correct trends in the internet. The internet is full of applications and tools which can be used to understand the current trend in the market. When you understand these tools, you can understand the trends and check if you have domain names which could be flipped at a profitable rate. Social Media tools like Twitter have similar tools that can be used and this would help you to understand the trends and earn a good profit.

Domain flipping requires patience and the ability to trust your intuition and act of the perfect condition quickly. You need not worry as this could be learnt in time.

Earn A Great Living Selling Domains

Buying and selling domain names is one way that many people make money online. A lot of money can be made by many people by flipping domain names. You have to do more than just buy the domain name and sell it if you want to make money with this method. In order to make money with this activity, you have to work. There is no truth to the perception that you can make money online without doing any work. These few hints can make it easier for you to sell domain names and make money online.

Flipping a domain name is the easiest when you sell it through a domain name auction site. There are so many that you can choose from. Some people are even able to sell their domain names on e-bay. If you are serious about making money through a quick auction sale, using a domain name auction site is a better choice.

By choosing a domain name auction site, you are selling your domain name to others that understand the value of domain names and are less likely to rip you off. The fees at these sites are usually lower than the ones at e-bay.

Get an appraisal for the domain name that you purchased. Get an idea of how much value your domain name has by using the free and paid appraisal services. You may think that getting a domain name appraisal is a waste of time. That is not the case. Getting documentation that supports your asking price is the main reason for getting a domain name appraisal.

If you get an appraisal done it is harder to anyone to say that your domain name is worth less than the price that you are asking for. It’s a good thing that domain name appraisals are not expensive. There are even websites that give free evaluations of domain names.

Make it easy for others to contact you. Potential domain buyers want to contact the seller at least once before they make a decision to purchase the domain name. Most potential buyers will just research the Whois info for the domain name that they want to purchase. You might have a harder time making a sale if your info is private or if potential buyers can’t contact you.

A great way to make money online is to sell domain names. Some internet marketers can make a full time income from buying and selling domain names because they have managed to become so good at it. The trick to domain names flipping is treating the activity like a business.

Your business will turn more of a profit if you put more effort into it. Although it is used as a side business by many internet marketers, with a lot of hard work you could make a nice living by buying and selling domains.

How To Grab Or Snap Good Domain Name

For those of you who don’t know I want to mention that buying and selling domains these days can bring good money. Of course to make decent money you must have some good money in your pocket and know what kind of domains to buy. So research is a must and here I will try to help you to point in right direction and show you how you can find good names.

To be successful on the domain market you must have right tools. These days everybody knows that only automation can help you find one good domain among millions. So you need to decide first which domain you want to buy. If you are looking for domain with page rank and maybe website on it then it will be easy, because you don’t care about domain name in terms of letters, numbers, hyphens, pronunciation, or combos.

If you want to be involved in buy/sale transactions or to find good domain name for yourself then you have to do following things. First of all you need find good tools, I can say that my preferred tool is prtag dot com. It offers lots of things you will need to find good name.

So where to find a good domain name? Actually all or at least 99.99% of good names are registered. So the only way is to buy it on auction or try to snap it before it expires if current owner forgets to renew it. Believe me – lots of good domain names are forgotten to be renewed. The only thing is you need to monitor millions domains to find a few good one.

Everybody knows that the best known places to buy domains which are about to expire are:,,, So check all of them and see what it is all about and how to use them. And now I want to print which domains you must be interested in.

I can tell for sure that one word domains names are taken and it hard to find 2 or 3 letters domains. Also you need to know that TLD .com is still most widely used which means that good name with dot com extension will cost good money. So look for dot com first.

When you search for good domain make sure that name is pronounceable. Here is the most valuable combination CVVC, VCCV, CVCV, VCVC, CVCVC, VCVCV, where V stands for Valve and C stands for Consonant. Also domains with only letters and no hyphens like LLL, LLLL, 5L, 6L are valuable. You may find that domains with only numbers can be hard to find: NNN, NNNN, 5N.

Some combination of letters and numbers (sometimes hyphens) could be valuable too. Here is a few examples: C-C, V-V, C-V-C, V-C-V, L-L, N-N, L-L-L, N-N-N.

I want to warn you do not buy domain names which contain well known brand names and copyrighted. As long as no one use such domain even its registered those big giants wouldn’t bother you. But when they note that you make money with their domain name they will come after you. I can tell they they fork fast. I had my own experience when eBay sent me email within 3 days of registration of domain with ebay in it. So don’t risk your money, play smart.

Best Ways To Make Money With Your Domain Names

People are always searching for ways to make money, and unbeknownst to most of them they most likely already have an incredibly powerful tool within their reach. This tool can help you make money or even residual income several different ways as long as you are willing to do the work it takes. So, what is this brilliant tool?

It’s a domain! Believe it or not people all over the world are making money utilizing their domain names in ways most people wouldn’t even consider. Listed below I’m going to talk about three of the options you might want to consider, one of these are considered profitable almost right away, where as the other two take a little bit longer but are just as valuable if not more so!

Domain Parking –
If you have a domain, you could be earning potential money from it. This is one of the easiest ways to make money online! If you have a domain simply join a site, park your domain, point your DNS settings at your registrar to the parking site, send visitors and voila that’s it. Of course you can’t tell people to do searches on your site, or tell them to click links but you can earn good money from this!

See, ads or “feeds” are placed on the domain from sites like Google and Yahoo. When people do searches on your site google pays the domain company and the domain company pays you a certain percentage of that money. Pretty easy. Check out forums and message boards for some of the best sites to join!

Domain Real Estate –
If you know anything about domains, and can get your hand on some good ones for, however, much you are willing to spend, you can make a living buying and selling domains. Buy low sell high, type thing. You can sell domains pretty much anywhere but there are certain “official” websites for this kind of work, such as afternic and sedo. But you can also sell them on forums such as NamePros or DigitalPointForums. Don’t think just because your selling them on forums you won’t make good money. I’ve seen people on NamePros selling and buying domains for as much as $ 35k!

Affiliate Programs – Almost every single website out on the Internet has some sort of an affiliate-ship, affiliate program, profit sharing program, etc. An Affiliate program is a program you join as an affiliate from a website. These can be large well-known websites such as Amazon, AllPosters, ProFlowers, etc. Or they can be from other sites you may not have heard of.

Check all of these sites out. A good place to find a directory for Affiliate Programs is a site called AffiliatePrograms. You can earn a percentage of every sale you make. If you’re an expert sales representative this would be the way to go for you. Me, I’m not so good at selling stuff, but that doesn’t mean I don’t belong to a few programs! They also have affiliate programs where you can get paid for getting people to do trials, or if you can get people to download things like computer software, e-cards, e-books, etc.

Regarding the first two options, the point a lot of people try to make when doing domain parking is that they not only can make money from it in the meantime, but if they build up enough traffic and heighten the “worth” of the domains with traffic, page rank and backlinks that they can eventually be led to option number two which is the domain real estate option.

Chances are if you have a domain name you just bought, it’s not going to sell for $ 35k but eventually after building traffic, backlinks, page rank, and even making money from programs like AdSense on your site you can raise the level of worthiness to the domain name. Another thing to think about with both the domain parking and the domain real estate, is the type of domain you have.

A good domain is considered a good domain because of certain “rules”. These rules include things like .com extensions, valuable keywords, niches that are popular, and even the amount of characters per your domain name.

For example a 2 character domain name (even if it doesn’t make sense) has a higher chance of selling or being worth more than a site with 23 characters. This is really one of those “trial and error” deals, I don’t have all the answers after my experience, but I do have a few hints and tricks, the same hints and tricks you will figure out once you are in the “game” for a while.

Just tweak the site where you can and try to make money with it in the meantime or work a little harder, and sell it for big money down the road, whatever works for you!

Choosing and implementing the right gTLD domains for your business

The Internet is a sea of information and offerings and a unique identity and strategy is required for businesses, entrepreneurs, communities and governments to make a distinctive presence felt on the medium. Your brand’s name could be the starting point for your global footprint on the Internet!

In fact ICANN has understood the need to address the presence of competition in the online domain name market and has brought new generic top level domain names (gTLDs) for businesses and other properties to choose a name of their choice and one that reflects their business.

How do you identify the right gTLD domains that resonate with your business and differentiate you from your competitors? Further, what are the best practices involved in implementing gTLDS?

How SLAM can help you with your gTLD strategy

For businesses looking to develop effective online strategies, building an online brand and differentiating from the competition is an effective step. This is where owning a gTLD domain relevant to one’s business comes into play. However, a domain name is merely the starting point for developing an online footprint of the brand – the real test comes in positioning the brand name through various optimization and advertising campaigns, a task that can be led by specialists in the domain.

Let’s take a look at how an Internet strategy company like SLAM Strategy develops a company’s gTLD brand:

Retailing online
A major requirement for online businesses remains generating online visibility and boosting sales. This includes driving traffic to the website by showing up on clients’ search results and further converting potential customer visits into actual sales.

Specialists who understand online retail business can help companies devise specific online strategies that fit well with the business’ needs, and draws customers who visit the site to purchase the website’s product or service offerings – and keep them coming back for more!

Online optimisation
Is your online business model a success? Are you getting the maximum traffic and does your online sale correspond linearly with the number of customers who visit your website?

These are questions that many businesses struggle to answer clearly. It is, however, the role of specialists in Internet strategy to analyse the dynamics of an online business and suggest a strategy that addresses the following concerns:
* The best method for a website to function
* Key elements that will deliver the highest return of investment
* The right internet strategy for the business’ needs

For example, the Internet strategy specialist team at SLAM Strategy analyses the keyword functioning and ranking for their client’s website and suggest the right keywords in that domain along with creating optimisation strategies to ensure that the website improves its online visibility for the products and services it provides.

Along with implementing top level domains, an effective SEO strategy will build a strong website that attracts customers on search engines and places it ahead of the competition.

Online advertising
Your brand top level domain name can reach its target customers through strategic online advertising campaigns. The Adwords specialists at SLAM work with businesses to improve campaign efficiency and draw maximum results. In fact, being a Google Adwords certified partner has ensured that the company has the best advertising practices in place for branded TLD campaigns.

Online marketing
The final aim for including a brand top level domain name is to draw maximum profitability while increasing a brand’s global footprint. This is where Internet marketing strategy and implementation comes into play, and drives the return of investment in online marketing.

Therefore, while gTLD domains allow your business to gain a distinct identity on the Internet, they must be implemented strategically for maximum visibility and return of investment. Identifying the right Internet marketing strategy, devising TLD marketing and advertising campaigns and gaining exposure through the correct usage of social media channels are just some solutions that an Internet marketing company can help your business with.

Have you made the right investment for your business yet?

Advantages of Domain Name Auctions

What are the advantages of domain name auctions? here are some reasons.

Domain name auctions are a very large part of buying and selling domain names. They ensure that the domain is sold for no more than the public is willing to buy it for. This makes it the perfect scale of sale from a supply and demand point of view. It allows the best of both worlds to be met. The customer gets to choose the price, and the seller gets the products worth. However, when you are buying and selling a domain name you can do a few things to top the scale in your direction.

If you are planning on selling a domain name, you will want to get it appraised. Get it appraised from several different locations, so that you could pick and choose what stats you would like to show to the public. This allows you to have the best possible look to your domain. Next, you want to sweet talk your domain as much as possible. Show how it has been used, or how it can be used! Show off its ability to be marketed by, if you have it, showing the traffic that is already going to the domain name. Remember that you are trying to sell your domain to the public. You want them to think that it is the best investment in the world, so make sure you show that to them as best you can!

If you are planning on buying a domain name, you need to be able to look through the mumble jumbo. Do a Google search, and check with all the other popular search engines. Is this domain ranked? If not, is the market too flooded to get it ranked? You need to look into how well you can use this domain with your website. Can you market the name? Is it brandable? How much is the auction currently at? Is the BIN reasonable? All these need to be considered before you get yourself in on a bid, because once you place your bid it is usually near impossible to take it back.

Domain name auctions are a very simple way to buy and sell a domain name, and with the right knowledge the seller can get a great price, and the buyer can get exactly what they are looking at getting. Now that you have the information, you can be confident in your auction!

Domain Value – How To Figure It Out

When it comes to domain value it’s vital that you look into a domain name appraisal before you even think about purchasing it. There are plenty of sites on the Internet that can do this for you.

There are many reasons to get an appraisal, first and most important of course is you do not know how much the domain is worth, unless you have the available tools to find out how often the domain name may be searched for.

There are tools that are used in order to discover exactly how much a domain name is worth, you can get a free domain appraisal that will give you an approximate worth. This is a good place to start in order to understand domain value, run a few different names through, and see what you come up with.

For a better assessment you’re going to have to dig deep to really find out how much it is worth. This is vital, there are domain auctions where you can get a little excited about the bidding, and wind up paying way too much for domain name.

Also, those who have the domain name registered to them would like to make as much as possible, and often, over inflate the value. Domain value is important, not only is it good to figure out how much to pay for it, it can also be used as an asset on your tax accounts.

This could be a vital tool if for some reason your domain name expires and you didn’t pay your fees. This means that someone else may now own your domain name, and not only do you need it back badly, but you don’t want have to pay too much for it either.

An honest appraisal is going to give you a market value, and then if it’s in an auction, you can bid a few dollars over the actual value, and you’ll probably get your name back.

If you like to make a bit of money, you can begin finding and selling domain names. But you really need to understand search engine optimizing, and remember, if you can specialize in one field of domain names you’re going to have better luck.

There are places that auction domain names on a regular basis and they have quite a few of them. The popularity of a domain name has a lot to do with its marketing appeal.

In other words, is it using good keywords within the domain name, is it filling a special need or a special niche, or is it appealing to mass-market? All of this has to do whether a domain name is worth a lot of money or not. Some of them can sell for as little as 50 bucks, others, can be 10, 000.

A domain name is an extremely important tool when it comes to Web marketing. The name must be memorable, if it’s not, people who have visited the site are going to have trouble returning to it. This is why domain value and domain appraisals have become so important.

How To Benefit From Expiring Domains

To be successful on the internet you must have a web site with a good amount of traffic. These days everybody knows that traffic is a king. So all search engines are queens. So who are you then? A princes or prince? Or you are someone forgotten on the side of the big money road? Just don’t get lost among the road signs and look for some right exit. And here I want to tell you about one of these exits which is about domains which are about to expire.

Why expiring domains could be useful for you? Very simple – you are looking for visitors and those domains already have human traffic. Some of them have a lot some not. Most of domains come with a good ranking in search engines and therefore with a real human traffic and not bots.

Now you think how long it will take for you to promote website on completely fresh domain? Yes it will take some time depend on search engine. And more important is how much it will cost you? I think money and time are key players and you should consider it. For example for a few hundred dollars you can buy domain with good Google page rank of 4 or 5. Now sit down and calculate how much money you have to invest to get this page rank promoting your website? I guess a lot more.

When you buy expiring domains you must keep in mind that what this for. I can say that there are a few major way you can use it. The simple way is just buy it and redirect all traffic to your main domain and wait till this traffic disappears. Another way is to build website on it and let search engines to maintain its existence. This way is more time consuming, as well as you need to invest some more money to keep promotion. But that will a good jump start for your main website. Just make sure that you find a good domain name.

So how do you find those qualifying domains? Yes it is not very simple. Domain registrars delete everyday hundred of thousand domains which means that you have to check all of them to find out a few you may consider to buy for yourself. But before I tell you how to look at it I will point when it is a good time to buy.

So which domains we may call expiring? If you are not in this game already then I will tell you: these are domains which past their renewal date but registrars are holding them for some time allowing the current owner to renew it. If some owners do not renew their domains for some reason then registrars lock those domains for the deletion.

During locking time registrars try to sell these domains to public. And this is the time you have to check for ranking. Manual check is required, but before you need to find some tool which will scan thousand of those domains and let you know if domain with page rank and back links found.